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Theater Group

Director Workshop

From Concept to Creation: The Directing Process

There are many ways to stage any given play or musical as there are directors inthe world, and no two will be exactly the same.  Who you are, where you are and who your audience is will affect your take on a piece.  By cultivating your point of view on a particular play or musical, you set the tone, aesthetic and shape of a production.

Your next job is to convey that to your cast, collaborators, and frequently, your administrators.

This workshop will ask the entire group to familiarize themselves with one classic play or musical, to be determined.  In class, every participant will conceive a unique production, with prompts to create a design world, unifying theme, and a personal engine to take you through your process and keep you inspired.

The workshop is all day and is divided into three parts:

1.  Pre-production and conception/design

2.  Text work/dramaturgy/scene breakdown and actioning

3.  Staging scenes/songs in groups

This course will also cover:

-  How the actor's process works and hot to bring out the best in young actors

-  Various ways to leverage context in your productions


-  Method to demystify text in rehearsal


-  Critical analysis of the work of other directors


-  Developing, planning and delivering your own directing exercise  

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