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Conductor's baton on sheet music

Music Director Workshop

We are pleased to bring back this enormously popular event, especially geared toward musical directors.  All workshops will illustrate key teaching techniques you can take back to your classes and productions.


1.  Techniques of Musical Theater Coaching
1.  Techniques of Musical Theater Coaching

Andrew Gerle, author of The Enraged Accompanist's Guide to the Perfect Audition and Music Essentials for Singers and Actors, shares his techniques for coaching musical theater singers to create their best and most personal performance of any song. This class will focus on how to inspire each performer's creativity to create a textured, authentic character that is entirely their own. Demonstration will be give on different approaches to use with singers of all levels.

2.  Conducting

Conducting is very often the last thing on our minds as MDs - between rehearsing the cast, prepping, or ochestra materials. etc., there is so much other stuff to think about. This session will look at some techniques for being clear and helpful on the podium - and how we can maximize our always-limited rehearsal time.

3.  Maintaining Vocal Health

Auditions are over, the show is cast. What is the best way to start work with young singers on a particular role/song? This workshop will focus on how to help students find healthy ways to tackle their material that both stays true to their voice and the demands of the show/repertoire. This workshop explores ways to help young singers get the most from their instrument and their performance illustrating techniques with guest student vocalists.

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