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Actor's Application and Information

  • Be prepared.  Thoroughly research the show information and casting availability to prepare the appropriate material. Never tell those casting the show you've come to the audition unprepared.  Also, provide them with exactly what they request, for example, if they ask for 32 bars, sing them your best 32 bars.

  • Know your schedule. Don't come to an audition without a clear knowledge of your availability.  If significant conflicts exist, be prepared to list them for the information of those casting the show.

  • Know the show.  If the materials are available, research the show for which you are auditioning.  If its a musical, listen to the soundtrack.  If it's a play, read the script.  Learn about the characters for which you are auditioning.

  • Provide detailed information about yourself. When possible, supply the Director with a resume of past experience as well as a recent head shot. If you have no headshot available, you should provide a recent photograph. Be sure the contact information you provide is accurate and legible.

  • Bring your own materials. Do not expect the theater for which you are auditioning to provide the materials you are using to audition. You should bring your own sheet music neatly prepared and marked for the pianist.

  • Prepare to sing with a pianist. Our preference at StageDoor Theater Company is that you sing with the pianist provided at the audition.

  • Be polite. Be courteous to those for whom you are auditioning as well as to other performers at the audition

  • Dress appropriately. Even an audition needs a costume. Be familiar with what is expected at the audition so that you may dress to suit what will be asked of you.

  • Do not assume an invitation to audition by the Director or Producer is an indication of pre-casting. In fact, StageDoor Theatre Company only pre-casts in very rare situations, and when we do, it is announced BEFORE the audition. Being invited to audition will never mean the role is yours before the audition at StageDoor.

  • Plan to attend the entire Call Back. Every Director has a different style, so every Call Back is different. Should the Director invite you to the Call Back, plan to attend the session for as long as your presence is required. Many Directors require seeing many things from those auditioning before they arrive at their casting decisions. Plan to give them everything they need to see.

  • Listen carefully at the audition. Details about the timing of casting decisions, first rehearsals, etc. are often given verbally at the Call Back audition. Always listen carefully for these details while at the Call Back.

  • Don't get discouraged. You may, once casting decisions have been made, be unhappy with the role you receive or you may not get cast at all. Don't be discouraged, just mark it down as a learning experience and move on to the next audition. There will always be another show.

Audition Location

The auditions will be located at Theater at the Plaza, Hutchinson Kansas

Audition Specifics

Auditions will being at 8:30 each day.  It is recommended you arrive one-half hour early before your audition time.  If you do not arrive on time, your audition slot will be given to a wait list auditionee.  You will be identified by your auditionee number and time slot.  Your introduction will not be timed, but please be brief.  The timer will start on your first word or note.

The allotted audition time is five minutes and 30 seconds to perform a monologue and/or a song.  If you would like to perform and sing, please sing first as it will speed up the process.  Also, please only sing if you are confident with your selection.  There will be an accompanist provided so please do not bring pre-recorded accompaniment or outside accompanists.

Choreography / Dance Auditions

Dance auditions are held at the end of each day.  Dance auditions are optional.  If you plan to participate in the dance audition you must note that in your application.  The combinations start with tap and jazz and then end with ballet.  Please note, that the ballet combination will only involve those requested by theater representatives.

Callbacks, Resumes and Headshots

Callbacks occur on the same day as your audition, and will be posted throughout the day.  After the audition sessions have ended, StageDoor Theater Company Directors will begin callbacks in their posted callback location.  The length of the callbacks depends on each Director and how many callbacks you receive.

Information from your audition application will be printed and given to the respective Director, but will only be used for auditions.  For callbacks, you will need to bring resumes and headshots.

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