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Music Festival

Technical Workshop

This special one-day event includes three workshops, exploring practical low budget solutions for your production needs.  Taught by design and technical experts currently working in the field, we'll focus on your specific questions and get practical solutions from our guest master class teachers.


1. Lighting Design: Turning Your Vision into a Lighting Plot

This workshop will deal with the initial process of lighting design, how to give light significance in context. Questions of meaning, structure, process and intent will be investigated.  The class will also explore the qualities and functions of light, what light can and cannot communicate.  Cultivate your visual and conceptual vocabulary, a first step in the practice of creating ideas with light.  Individual creativity will be nurtured within an environment of shared experience. Much emphasis will be placed on process both intellectual and practical, as well as the technical means of placing three-dimensional forms and volume onto a two-dimensional surface accurately and efficiently.

2. Production Design:  Expanding the Canvas

Projections have opened the field of possibilities for us in creating dynamic propulsive theater designs.  They have been a part of performance for as long as theater has existed, but relatively recent advancements in technology have led to an explosion of activity at all levels of production, from Broadway to local schools.  Although the vocabulary alone of projection-design can be intimidating for the uninitiated, it does not have to be difficult.  While may are not adept at projecting still images by means of PowerPoint and a classroom LCD projector, the field encompasses so much more.  This workshop will explore techniques and practices for creative uses of projection on stage, as extension of both lighting and scenic design - and independently.

3. Stage Design:  Prop Fabrication

Working with a prop designer, this hands on workshop will take you through the process of creating realistic and theatrical props for the stage, re-purposing materials and shapes to approximate other objects, behind bold and theatrical and being resourceful.  Bring your greatest challenges to the class, we will take you through the best steps for achieving better results without a big budget.

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