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We at StageDoor Theater Company believe that all people deserve easy access to the arts and the community benefits that they foster. 

StageDoor works with central Kansas-based talent to develop a diverse range of high quality theater.  These productions serve the rural communities, and then tour in order to share all that StageDoor has to offer, with audiences that crave the performing arts.

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Upcoming 2022-2023 Productions

Click below for our 2022-2023 production schedule & ticket details!

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Click below for our 2023-2024 production schedule & ticket details!

2023-2024 Productions

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StageDoor43 Productions' mission is to inspire people of all ages to dream, explore, think and connect through imaginative storytelling on stage.  We bring stories to life in a way that encourages people to dream about who they are and may become, to explore the story from different perspectives, to think using inductive reasoning, and to connect to other people and ideas.  Theater can create community by bringing together a diverse audience encompassing all ages and backgrounds. It provides the opportunity to reach out to people who may not otherwise have access to the unique kind of artistic experiences that we provide, creating an environment that encourages collaboration and creativity.  Learn More

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